Psychedelic Pharmacists Association

Coming together to innovate pharmacy practice and help shape psychedelic therapy.

Our Mission

Advocate for pharmacists to apply their skillset throughout the continuum of care of psychedelic therapy

Educate all patients, providers, and policy makers in responsible and ethical decision making surrounding psychedelic medicine

Innovate pharmacy practice by developing training programs and certification courses to uplift psychedelic literacy

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Mission In Action

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Co-Create Responsible Reformation

We will raise our voice to ensure all people are taken into consideration when novel drug policy is drafted. Join us so we can do this right.

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Psychedelic Medicine Education

Currently, there are many gaps in knowledge about clinical utility of psychedelic medicine. Let’s fix that.

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Networking and Growth Opportunities

Innovation comes when we bring bright minds together to tackle problems as a community. Let’s help each other network.

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Who We Are

Meet our diverse group of pharmacist founders

Sa’ed Al-Olimat

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD),

BSc, Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), BCMAS

Michael Haichin

Andy Krut

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD),

Emily Kulpa

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD),

Kevin Lanzo

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD),

Regina Moore, PharmD

Regina Moore

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD),

Kristin Speer

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), BCPS

The Oath of a Pharmacist

“I promise to devote myself to a lifetime of service to others through the profession of pharmacy. In fulfilling this vow:
  • I will consider the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering my primary concerns.
  • I will apply my knowledge, experience, and skills to the best of my ability to assure optimal outcomes for my patients.
  • I will respect and protect all personal and health information entrusted to me.
  • I will accept the lifelong obligation to improve my professional knowledge and competence.
  • I will hold myself and my colleagues to the highest principles of our profession’s moral, ethical and legal conduct.
  • I will embrace and advocate changes that improve patient care.
  • I will utilize my knowledge, skills, experiences, and values to prepare the next generation of pharmacists.
I take these vows voluntarily with the full realization of the responsibility with which I am entrusted by the public.”

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